why are we doing this?

A message from the creator of the Take The Keys Tour DUI/TEXT driving simulation...
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why dui/text simulation

Any type of simulation has proven to be a great teaching and...
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driving simulation saves lives

Simulators have been used for decades to train for disasters in a safe...

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our simulators attract crowds

The display and high tech driving simulators always attract a large crowd that...
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our simulation demonstrates

See why DUI/TEXT driving simulation demonstrates to the...
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do you know what a drink is

Do you really know what a drink is? Many people...
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We know that you have questions. here are many..
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what others say

Take The Keys Tour is on tour everday in...
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NEWS RELEASE July 15, 2024: The Current Take The Keys Tour dates are filling up. To reserve the date you would like, please call us today.

NEWS RELEASE July 08, 2024: Enjoy every season. But always remember to use a designated driver. 

NEWS RELEASE July 01, 2024: Be prepared for Alcohol awareness month. We have tours in all regions. Do not wait. All tours will sell out.