DUI Text Simulator

Saving Lives Is What Take The Keys Tour Is All About

We all know that a person should not drink then drive. Yet, everyday people drink then drive.

Why does a person do this?

There are many reasons. All of them fail to make it ok to drink then drive.

Take The Keys Tour Drunk Driving simulators allow a person to experience, in a sober condition, how difficult it is to control a car when they are drunk. The DUI simulator demonstrates to the participant and those watching that a person can not drink and then drive.

Our DUI/TEXT driving simulation is the closest thing to reality

The Tour was created and designed by certified alcohol awareness professionals. The DUI simulation software was developed using the US Government study on driving while impaired. Our sims drive home the message that if you drink, even one drink, you cannot drive! This message is delivered in a comfortable direct way to the participant. Experience has proven this method demonstrates that you cannot drink and drive, period, and it is remembered! When the real-life situation arises, a person may rethink if they should drive!



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