DUI Text Simulator

Take The Keys Tour Takes A Boring Subject And Makes It Super Interesting

Go up to a person and ask them if they would like to talk about why drunk driving and text while driving is wrong. They will most likely give a funny look and a funny answer and walk away from the conversation.

Bring in the Take The Keys Tour DUI/TEXT driving simulator and you will have this conversation with more people than you have ever dreamed!

Our DUI/TEXT driving simulators attract a crowd

The Tour was created and designed by certified alcohol awareness professionals. The DUI simulation software was developed using the US Government study on driving while impaired. Our sims drive home the message that if you drink, even one drink, you cannot drive! This message is delivered in a comfortable direct way to the participant. Experience has proven this method demonstrates that you cannot drink and drive, period, and it is remembered! When the real-life situation arises, a person may rethink if they should drive!

Take The Keys Tour always attracts a crowd. How does it do this? With our state-of-the-art driving simulators. We have specifically designed our simulators to resemble the popular video driving games. When your campus sees our simulators, everyone wants to “play”.

What happens when we tell them it is a DUI/TEXT driving simulation? Everyone wants to participate!


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