DUI Text Simulator

Frequnetly Asked Questions

Q: How much space is required?  A: The optimum area is 10'x10' deep with an 8' ceiling. Both units can play in a smaller area but we may not be able to erect the entire display.


Q: How does the driver experience intoxication? A: The simulator software emulates the effects of driving intoxicated by making the steering over compensate, the brakes delayed when pressed and the speed fluctuates. Also, traffic conditions, driving area and road conditions can be adjusted. The simulator depicts real scenarios that the drunk drive must avoid.


Q: Can the simulator be used outdoors? A: Sure we can provide pop-up tents for both the cart and real car sims.


Q: Does everyone drive the same simulation? A: They can for comparison purposes. But our sims come with over 1000’s different driving environments, like city driving or country roads. And each environment has an unlimited number of reaction scenarios.


Q: How intense is the simulation? A: Intense and realistic! We put you to the test! You can experience up to 100 driving decisions in less than a quarter mile of simulated driving!


Q: Are there special electrical requirements? A: We will require two 15 amp 100V circuits. Not more than fifty feet from the performance area.


Q: How can I book the Take The Keys Tour? A: Simplified Entertainment is the sole booking agent for this event. Take The Keys Tour DUI/TEXT driving Simulators have tours throughout the entire United States. Please call the Simplified Entertainment & Events LLC Headquarters at 888-658-0515.


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